Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Guilt Project?

The ABA Journal Blog picked up the St. Pete Times about IPF which ran on Monday. We blogged about the article here. The ABA Journal blog post is nothing special as it is just an overview of the original article. What interested me was an exchange between two commenters to the post.

An attack:

Okay, so he “insists” he is innocent, just like he always has.

What does the judge in the case think? Is there any concern for the thoughts of the jurors?

I think we need to start a Guilt Project to counter this group.

The response from a Ryan:
Great idea, but the Guilt Project already exists. In every case, it’s called The State.


1American4Justice said...

Sorry I am behind on reading, but as usual Ryan comes through... I actually had to laugh. I comment a lot on articles in our state newspapers, but can never come up with the clever lines..I usually end up calling them idiots. LOL

VanessaP said...