Friday, January 30, 2009

Wisconsin Innocence Project wins release of wrongfully convicted man

Robert Lee Stinson, who has served nearly 29 years in jail on a murder conviction, had his conviction vacated by a judge today in Milwaukee County, thanks in part to the work of the Wisconsin Innocence Project.

Park of the state's case against Stinson was that he had bit the victim, but

[f]our forensic odontologists who evaluated the dental evidence for the [Wisconsin] innocence project found that the bite marks were not Stinson's, the project said. The innocence project also said DNA found on the victim's sweater did not match Stinson's DNA.

The state will have until a September hearing to decide whether they can go forward without the bite mark evidence, though, with the DNA exclusion coming to light, it seems difficult for the state to establish Stinson's guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

We congratulate the Wisconsin Innocence Project for this momentous achievement.

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