Monday, May 4, 2009

Amnesty International Video for Troy Davis

I came across this video on Amnesty International's page. The music is "State of Georgia" by the band State Radio.

Troy was convicted of killing a Savannah, Georgia, police officer, though 7 of the 9 witnesses who testified against him have since recanted. No murder weapon or physical evidence was found. No court has held a hearing on the witness recantations. If anyone deserves a new trial, it is difficult to see how it's not Troy. Unfortunately, his case has become ensnared in the in the procedural mire that is post-conviction appeals. His time might be running out.

Troy's appeal in the 11th Circuit was denied last month, though he was issued a 30-day stay to file for certiorari to the Supreme Court. That gives him until around mid-May.

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