Thursday, May 21, 2009

A visit from Bill Dillon

We had quite a treat a few days ago when Bill Dillon, a man we fought to exonerate, swung by the office. Dillon spent 27 years in jail for a 1981 murder he didn't commit until DNA testing proved his innocence and he was released in November 2008.

William Dillon inspects a photograph of his November 2008 exoneration that hangs in our office.

William Dillon speaks to our summer law interns on their first day in the office. What a way to start an internship!

Dillon spoke to our incoming class of interns for about an hour, telling the story of how he was wrongfully convicted, sharing his new outlook on life, and answering questions.
"Justice is a word... If you want the soul of justice to be there, you have to put it there." –William Dillon
I was actively scribbling notes when he would utter something unintentionally profound and moving. It's remarkable how Bill is so gracious and sincere, not at all bitter.
"It's not about living my life thinking about what happened, it's about thinking about what will happen." – William Dillon

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